Haddock Chowder

Fish chowder is a simple, hearty, delicious meal. This is a traditional Maine recipe from an old family friend. Unlike New England Clam chowder, real fish has a thinner consistency while still providing enough substance to really fill you and warm you up in the winter!

Haddock Chowder
4 Tbsp Bacon Fat
3 Onions, chopped
3c Water
10-12 Red Potatoes
2± lbs Haddock
1 can Evaporated Milk

Chop Onions to a medium size (not too small, but think about how big you might want in a spoon of soup) and saute in bacon fat until they become translucent.

In a stock pot (or any large pot), add quartered potatoes, water and onions with remaining fat. Bring to a boil and cook for 20 minutes.

Add fish and evaporated milk and cook until the fish is white and opaque throughout. Serve with a pad of butter on top and salt/pepper to taste.

Notes/Substitutions: It really is that simple! If your soup looks too thin, you can add Half & Half for some extra creaminess, but I have never needed to do so. This recipe is most traditional when made with haddock and red potatoes, but any hearty white fish and potato will work. When chopping onions and cutting up the potatoes, there is no right or wrong size really - it's all personal preference. Put the meat of the fish in as whole filets, as it cooks it will break up a little and if you cut it into small pieces before hand it will completely break apart.

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